The Great Simplification

In my advanced years, I find an increasing desire to understand the evolving dynamics of our world. Much of the knowledge accumulated over my 86 years has become outdated, prompting me to reflect on my journey, current state, and the potential future of the planet.

The Great Simplification is a podcast which is a source of constant enlightenment for me. While some episodes may stretch the bounds of my comprehension, they never fail to stimulate my intellect.

The podcast delves into diverse facets of human predicaments, encompassing human behaviour, economic systems, energy, ecology, geopolitics, and the environment. Its overarching objective is to inform and inspire listeners by highlighting the challenges and opportunities ahead.

The Great Simplification adopts a multidisciplinary approach, unravelling the complexities of various issues. It serves as a catalyst, urging individuals to actively participate in shaping our collective future.

An animated video provides an excellent introduction to the mindset underlying the podcast.

Highly recommended.

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