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Open letter by 400 experts calling for wellbeing economy instead of destructive growth fixation

On Monday 15 May, as EU policymakers gather for the first day of the landmark 2023 Beyond Growth conference at the European Parliament, over 400 experts call for political leaders to seize this opportunity to tackle interconnected social, environmental and political crises and embrace a wellbeing economy that allows humanity and the planet to thrive, …

The Great Simplification

In my advanced years, I find an increasing desire to understand the evolving dynamics of our world. Much of the knowledge accumulated over my 86 years has become outdated, prompting me to reflect on my journey, current state, and the potential future of the planet. The Great Simplification is a podcast which is a source …


New subscribers joining this blog who need convincing that the world economy is shrinking could not do better than read this post by Dr Tim Morgan in his Surplus Energy Economics blog. Tim sets out his interpretation of the interconnectedness of the economy, finance and the environment. To visit Tim’s post.

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