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Diet for a Hotter Climate: Five Plants That Could Help Feed the World

I have just come across this which may turn out to be relevant. [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Diet for a Hotter Climate”]

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Green growth, degrowth and the end of growth

Another video from Nate Hagens.  We really must grasp the nettle of what he is saying.   The implication is that everything we will be told by the Cheese Lady is founded on collapsing foundations.

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Is an ecological future possible in a global economy which is shrinking?

In response to Jeremy Lent’s request:  “Please share your own thoughts here on what Localization means to you, and how you see its role in Deep Transformation.” The following is written from a UK perspective, where the future is already … Continue reading

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How to make emergency survival bread

The first stage of our transition into the new era is here. Maybe we should begin to learn some skills to help us survive gracefully. I know nothing about making bread.  This came to me out of the blue.  I … Continue reading

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Hug a tree

Nate Hagens on trees.

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A nice short film about a family in Australia who live a life of permaculture

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People Oriented City Villages

This is a nice example of what is going on in the Deep Transformation Network.   It is a complicated “place” to visit.  Which I suppose is the nature of a network

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Money and the end of abundance: A FINANCIAL CRISIS PRIMER by Tim Morgan

#238. Money and the end of abundance

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Let’s call it grassroots growth

I agree with the concept of degrowth, but isn’t there a better term for it? This piece by Erin Remblance and, Jennifer Harvey Sallin in the Illuminem blog chimes with my frustration at the use of the word degrowth. We … Continue reading

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The End of Abundance

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