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  • An enlightening discussion between Nate Hagens and Kate Raworth

    About Doughnut Economics and much more Copied from Nate Hagens’s podcast The Great Simplification. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Nate’s Introduction Today, I am joined by the creator of Doughnut Economics, Kate Raworth, for a fantastic primer on the need for different economic measurements beyond the material wealth created by a society. As we expand further past planetary boundaries…

  • Does grass understand more about quantum thinking than we do?

    This is intriguing. Skip the ads to This Week’s Science News.

  • The UK economy is entering the long-predictable crash phase.

    Copied from Dr Tim Morgan’s blog. The UK economy is, in my opinion, entering the long-predictable crash phase. Essentially there are two possible scenarios here. First, the aggregate burden of national or global liabilities just becomes so great that vertigo sets in, as people begin to realise that these liabilities cannot be honoured ‘for value’.…

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