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  • The way we live next

    Tim Morgan has just published the first of two pieces about the future. Well worth reading.

  • We will all be living off the land

    First published in the RADIX Think Tank I have just been listening to a podcast by Nate Hagens in his Great Simplification series. In this episode, Nate is joined by Daniel Zetah, who practices regenerative agriculture on his family farm in Minnesota.  Daniel shares his experiences in becoming aware of the global challenges we face and…

  • Delayering in a Shrinking Economy

    In a discussion on Tim Morgan’s blog, he says: … de-layering is going to eliminate huge numbers of white-collar jobs, and lots of intermediate/intermediary businesses, though I doubt if even the biggest corporate players really understand this yet. Not a subject which is reported much.  And yet layering was a key element of the growing…

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