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The economy is shrinking.  And everything that depends on it.  Including the population.

Lately, I have been listening to Nate Hagen’s weekly podcast, The Great Simplification.  He explains that his podcast explores the systems science underpinning the human predicament. Conversation topics span human behaviour, monetary/economic systems, energy, ecology, geopolitics and the environment.  The … Continue reading

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Going back to firewood

Our heat pump reached the end of its life last year.  25 years old, which is better than expected.  It will cost £15,000 to replace.  At our age, in our 80s, not worth doing. So, we are using electric radiators … Continue reading

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Forgotten Clothing: Hip Scarves

I am becoming less convinced about conventional thinking about keeping ourselves warm. Here is a example from the No Tech Magazine: Forgotten Clothing: Hip Scarves

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Prog Gnosis – By Single Helix

This is the first advert on this website.  Of a production by one of our subscribers.

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A notable milestone was passed in 2022 when, for the first time, more than 80,000 different people from around the world – to be exact, from 154 countries – visited Tim Morgan’s Surplus Energy Economics website

So, the pieces written by Tim Morgan and the hundreds of responses to each one are reaching around the world.  But not being talked about in polite places, such as this think tank. The Overton Window provides a nice explanation of … Continue reading

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It’s ceasing to be possible for households to use cheap debt to live beyond their means

This comment by Tim Morgan, on his Surplus Energy Economics blog is interesting. The link is to the piece where this comment appears, which will be of particular interest to investors. drtimmorgan on January 2, 2023 at 2:16 pm said: … Continue reading

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The silent threat lurking in British homes

Increasing energy bills have created the perfect conditions for mould Blistering energy prices have created the perfect conditions for the rise of a particular blight across the country. Surveyors have reported a tenfold increase in calls from worried landlords and … Continue reading

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