‘You’re out of touch!’ Dan Walker blasts Boris Johnson on Universal Credit cuts and rising living costs

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DAN WALKER put prime minister Boris Johnson on the spot on Tuesday morning as the BBC Breakfast host headed to Manchester to interview the PM from the Conservative Party Conference.

Prime minister Boris Johnson made a rare return to breakfast television on Tuesday morning as the Conservative Party leader joined Dan Walker in Manchester. The PM had plenty to get through with the BBC Breakfast host, with Walker putting Mr Johnson on the spot over a number of issues including supply chain problems and the dangers of losing Christmas as well as reforms to prevent violence against women. Also on the agenda for the BBC presenter was the rising living costs and cut of universal credit, a topic which led to Walker accusing the prime minister of being “out of touch”.

I found the interview interesting because the Prime Minister dithered in response to Dan Walker’s questions about rising living costs.

He dithered because he doesn’t have a mental model which takes on board the reality of declining prosperity.

As I have pointed out declining prosperity is an inevitable and unavoidable outcome of de-growth.

Herein lies a fundamental denial that the establishment does not recognise.

Only when declining prosperity comes to be seen as an outcome of de-growth, and not the fault of any kind of Government, will the UK (and the world) be able to stop stumbling along trying to understand how things really are.