What then are we to become?

Tim Watkins latest piece concludes that:

“The fantasy shared by Britain’s political parties, bright green activists and corporate leaders is a kind of Star Trek future in which renewable energy and widespread computerisation underpin a Great Reset-type digital utopia.  The majority of people, lied to by establishment media, stand transfixed by this chimera even as the real economy collapses around them and as more and more of them see their prosperity fall.  And the sad reality is that what was once “the workshop of the world” is no longer capable of making much of anything.  The UK’s mines were depleted decades ago.  Its vast fossil fuel sources have been burned.  Its factories packed up and shipped off to the Far East.  And its agriculture is only capable of feeding some 60 percent of its growing population.

A massive collapse in consumption is inevitable.  So too is a re-localisation of the few things that the UK can still do domestically.  And in the absence of sufficient energy, demand for human and animal labour is likely to increase.  Nevertheless, the future that awaits us looks far more like Britain in the 1820s – largely rural-agrarian but with a residue of industrial activity – than the sci-fi fairy stories which underpin an entirely unrealistic green brave new world.”