UK care workers leave industry en masse after being told to get vax or quit, with unions begging govt to reconsider policy

The RT Newsletter reports that “The vacancies for care workers could total more than 170,000 people – with 70,000 being those who refuse the jab – after mandatory vaccination is implemented later this year, according to government estimates cited in the media”.

This is a current problem with all the signs that today’s mindset underlies thinking about what to do.

I wrote a piece for the Radix Think Tank in 2018, in which I said that “Supporting people to stay in their own homes is a crucial aspect”  of a way forward I advocated, in which the “grey economy” would have to play an essential part.

This is an example of thinking from the bottom-Up the first steps of which could be started now,   The first steps of a process – a journey – heading towards local community care.  A bumpy journey no doubt.  Which is how any kind of thinking about the future from the bottom-up must be.


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