The march of folly

The latest from The Consciousness of Sheep. concludes that:

We may rue the long chain of political and economic decisions taken between the first energy shock in 1973 and the onset of energy depletion in the 2020s.  But casting blame gets us nowhere – and in reality, all of us have participated in and endorsed at least some of the decisions which have brought us to where we now are.  What is required at this point is neither recrimination nor speculative fantasy.  Rather, we need clear thinking about how we manage an irreversible period of economic shrinkage – something no living human being has had to contemplate.  We have two options: Manage the process to avoid the worst of the negative consequences; or attempt to maintain business as usual and face a major collapse of both the financial and the real economy.  We may hope that clever people somewhere else will figure out how to generate future surplus energy… but we would be fools to rely on it.