The Big Green Lie

The latest post from the conscious of sheep concludes that:

This is the Big Green Lie.  Because running an economy entirely on renewable energy is easy.  Humans have been doing it for hundreds of thousands of years.  Indeed, it is only in the last three centuries that we have done other than operating entirely on renewable energy.  And what the current British crisis is giving us a foretaste of is the true future of a renewable energy economy: an economy that will sustain no more than 600,000,000 people worldwide and that will require three or four agricultural workers – including slaves and indentured servants – to maintain each non-agricultural specialist, cleric or overlord.  Indeed, the very best our descendants can look forward to is a technological level similar to that of the Roman Empire.  And the question before us is no longer whether we are going there, but rather whether we are going to manage a process of de-growth or whether we are going to allow market forces to deliver a free-fall collapse.