Impact Networks

From James Martin

Impact Networks, the Documentary (

“Impact Networks: Creating Change in a Complex World illuminates how purpose-driven networks create lasting change by embracing interdependence and generating impact through collaboration.  This film explores the patterns impact networks follow to accelerate learning and collaboration leading to social and environmental change. We hear the voices of six accomplished network leaders behind some of the most successful large-scale collaborative efforts around the globe—from land stewardship to migrant rights. Their stories reveal that although every impact network is unique in its focus and composition, all are remarkably similar in their approach. Drawing on the wisdom of nature and embracing a living-systems approach to organizing, impact networks span regions, organizations, and silos of all kinds. They bring people together to build relationships across boundaries, leverage the work, skills, and motivations of the group, and make progress amid unpredictable and ever-changing conditions. Given the increasing complexity of the issues we face as a society, our ability to form, grow, and work through networks has never been more essential.  Produced by Converge and filmed by Hive Studios, this film complements the 2021 book by David Ehrlichman—Impact Networks: Create Connection, Spark Collaboration, and Catalyze Systemic Change, published by Berrett-Koehler. For more information and free resources for cultivating networks, visit the Converge website at DISCUSSION GUIDE We invite you to watch the Impact Networks documentary in community. The discussion guide found at is designed to inspire conversation and help you integrate your insights from the film into your life and work.”