Green Wizards

I have just come across this.

Green Wizards is a website begun in 2010 about how do we learn the skills and knowledge we need to survive and prosper in the coming collapse of civilization. What Professor Bendell calls “deep adaptation”, we just call Life in the Long Descent.

We are an outgrowth of the informative blog The Archdruid Report written by John Michael Greer and take our name from one of the books he wrote about society’s coming collapse, “Green Wizardry”.

Most of our members are not involved in the formal education system or professional classes. We are lay people with our hands dirty from garden soil and engine oil, as we focus more on the “hands-on” matters of surviving a collapse than the policy and planning stuff that many want to discuss. The time for those discussions is almost gone.

We have been developing for about the last decade a curriculum of study for people to learn to adapt to the coming collapse and to not only survive it but live it well and prosper. There will be challenges in the new World Made Harsh, but also rewards. The curriculum is laid out in this form and progression on our Forum.

  • Your Physical Health and Your Mental Welfare
  • Food and Water
  • Gardening and Composting
  • Animal Husbandry and Pests
  • Your Family and Your Children
  • Home, Shelter and Security
  • Livability, Energy and Power
  • Your Money and Your Craft
  • Recycling and Repair
  • Communication and Transportation
  • Spirituality, Magic and Religion in Green Wizardry
  • Critical Thinking and Mental Skills
  • Community Building and Whole Systems

Each of these areas of interest have an individual forum and are slowly developing an extensive level of knowledge. We view that what is needed is less than a few quick courses on gardening, compost and conservation but a complete rethinking of how you live your life and relate to the world around you.

We are also very interested in the way that storytelling and the narrative can be used to educate people as to what is coming. There is an up and coming fictional niche called “Climate Fiction” which has a lot of interest among readers. I’ve had two short stories myself published in recent anthologies on the subject. So have several of our other members. You can too.

We also have a large community of ham radio enthusiasts. Communication in the Collapse will involve simpler methods.

We feel that what we are headed into isn’t a quick and sharp downturn, but a stair-step of small crises which collapse our society as a whole and many of us individually and shrink the energy and resources we have available. As people, cities and even nations fall down in complexity that will briefly free up small amounts of energy and resources. The collapse will pause and we’ll see society reset at a slightly less level. Then a few years or even a decade later it will happen again.

This process will continue for the next several centuries and probably put the global village back into another Dark Age.

For now, though, we all must learn to do with less. We can either learn to do that now, while we have some cushion of energy and resources which will help us overcome our failures, or we can do it when we collapse and don’t have any cushion. When failing means we go hungry and cold.

As we like to say, “Collapse Now and Avoid The Rush!”

Come check us out sometime. We will tell you a hearty story over a warm cup of Stone Soup around a warm fire. Be careful of the darkness beyond the light, there are monsters out there.

David Trammel