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Feynman’s Law writ large

Tim Watkin’s latest piece, concludes that: The problem is compounded by an official rate of inflation which under-reports the vast increase in the cost of essentials like housing, electricity and gas, food and transport, while over-reporting the falling cost of … Continue reading

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What then are we to become?

Tim Watkins latest piece concludes that: “The fantasy shared by Britain’s political parties, bright green activists and corporate leaders is a kind of Star Trek future in which renewable energy and widespread computerisation underpin a Great Reset-type digital utopia.  The majority of … Continue reading

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A Crisis of Affordabiliy

Tim Watkin’s latest post in his blog “The Consciousness of Sheep”  concludes that: The temptation is to rush out and predict the end of industrial civilisation immediately. But it is worth heeding John Maynard Keynes’ lament that: “The stock market … Continue reading

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The march of folly

The latest from The Consciousness of Sheep. concludes that: We may rue the long chain of political and economic decisions taken between the first energy shock in 1973 and the onset of energy depletion in the 2020s.  But casting blame … Continue reading

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A far from perfect storm

The latest from Tim Watkins at The Consciousness of Sheep concludes that: ….. the continued operation of an advanced industrial economy like the UK depends upon the weather to avoid collapse this winter.  And we might, perhaps, want to ask some … Continue reading

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