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We are entering a phase of de-consumption as we are obliged to forgo discretionary items in order to meet the rising cost of essentials.

The title of this piece is good.  It is taken from Tim Watkins latest piece. De-consumption is a good way of explaining the consequence of de-growth, to those who do not yet want to believe in de-growth. He points out … Continue reading

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If de-growth changes everything, it changes politics, and it changes public priorities

This comment by Tim Morgan in his recent blog hits various nails on their heads: Current Western leadership looks lamentably poor. As a general proposition, we’d probably have to go back to the 1930s and appeasement to find an equivalently-bad … Continue reading

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The Unravelling Begins

THE REALITY OF SCARCITY, THE SCARCITY OF REALITY Tim Morgan’s latest post.  In the discussion following his piece Dr Morgan says: “The consensus line is that the economy will carry on much as it has now, and will continue growing. … Continue reading

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It’s now

This is very important. #216. It’s now

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The UK economy is in very big trouble, but the government doesn’t seem to know what to do about it, and neither do opposition politicians.

Tim Morgan’s comment: It’s now emerged that there’s a big row going on between the department for business – which wants support for industries affected by surging energy prices – and the Treasury (finance ministry) – which doesn’t. In my … Continue reading

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Tim Morgan’s latest post. This concludes that: The ‘basics’ of the situation – deteriorating top-line and discretionary prosperity, rising inflation and worsening financial stress – are simply the first-order effects of the deteriorating energy-prosperity equation. More complex processes can be … Continue reading

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The UK economy is showing a lot of signs of falling to pieces

Today’s comment by Tim Morgan in Surplus Energy Economics “Nobody in politics seems to know what the real problems are, let alone how to fix them. The government lurches from one ‘fix’ to another, and seems to think that the … Continue reading

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As the window narrows (by Dr Tim Morgan)

Tim Morgans’ latest post provides much food for thought about the future.

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