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Religion, Ecology, and the Future

Another interview by Nate Hagans in his wonderful series entitled “The Great Simplification”: Religious scholar Mary Evelyn Tucker unpacks the entanglement of religion and ecology from an academic perspective. She and Nate discuss what the roots of environmental ethics in … Continue reading

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Green growth, degrowth and the end of growth

Another video from Nate Hagens.  We really must grasp the nettle of what he is saying.   The implication is that everything we will be told by the Cheese Lady is founded on collapsing foundations.

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Hug a tree

Nate Hagens on trees. https://substack.com/redirect/109e1b2d-e1a3-4333-8722-a41b9b73b1fa?r=1m5qgr

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Nate Hagens interviewed John Gowdy, an ecological economist,

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