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The Renewable Energy Transition is Failing

The Renewable Energy Transition Is Failing This reinforces my view that we should switch spending from producing renewables to preparing for global warming.

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Our busy website

Just to let you know now has 1,086 subscribers and about 1,000 visitors to the site each week.

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Heading towards the end of our industrial economy

To put it in terms that even an economist might grasp, all energetic systems – including industrial economies – eventually burn themselves out.  Ours is no different. That is how Tim Watkin’s latest post finishes.  Which set me thinking afresh … Continue reading

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We must use less energy

Beware the vampires. Energy vampires are sneaky power-suckers that utilize energy even when you think they’re not. … The future must be less complicated.  Nate Hagens’s excellent podcast The Great Simplicatiion says it all.   It is: …..a podcast that explores … Continue reading

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