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Why your fish and chips may cost a lot more

An example of what has become a discretionary market at today’s prices.  A market that was essential in the post-WW2 era.

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Why we still don’t yet know how bad climate migration will get

The latest 3,600-page report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the United Nations’ climate research unit, examines the consequences of rising average temperatures for people around the world. However: Myths and misconceptions are undermining efforts to deal with migration … Continue reading

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These foods could soon be in short supply due to the war in Ukraine

From the Climate & Economy website:  

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How to Build a Bike Generator with Control Panel

From the Low Tech Magazine: We built a pedal-powered generator and controller, which is practical to use as an energy source and exercise machine in a household — and which you can integrate into a solar PV system. We provide … Continue reading

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The Overton Window

Why does the Government see global warming as a problem and not see degrowth as reality? Those of us who are committed to the idea that economic degrowth is unavoidable just cannot understand why intelligent powers-that-be will not even acknowledge … Continue reading

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UK is facing bigger economic shock than 1973 oil crisis that could leave families £1,750 worse off as energy prices soar and ban on Russian imports is set to pile on more pressure

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If higher energy prices cannot be achieved, there is a significant chance that the change in the world order will be in the direction of pushing the world economy toward collapse.

So says Gail Tverberg in her latest piece.

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