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A Crisis of Affordabiliy

Tim Watkin’s latest post in his blog “The Consciousness of Sheep”  concludes that: The temptation is to rush out and predict the end of industrial civilisation immediately. But it is worth heeding John Maynard Keynes’ lament that: “The stock market … Continue reading

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The march of folly

The latest from The Consciousness of Sheep. concludes that: We may rue the long chain of political and economic decisions taken between the first energy shock in 1973 and the onset of energy depletion in the 2020s.  But casting blame … Continue reading

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The UK economy is showing a lot of signs of falling to pieces

Today’s comment by Tim Morgan in Surplus Energy Economics “Nobody in politics seems to know what the real problems are, let alone how to fix them. The government lurches from one ‘fix’ to another, and seems to think that the … Continue reading

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The Big Green Lie

The latest post from the conscious of sheep concludes that: This is the Big Green Lie.  Because running an economy entirely on renewable energy is easy.  Humans have been doing it for hundreds of thousands of years.  Indeed, it is … Continue reading

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Lambas Scones

Paul Mobb’s lifestyle may provide a hint of things to come.  He sees life from the bottom up, in amazing detail. He writes: One of the reasons I got into nutrition in my teens was that I did a lot … Continue reading

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Discretionary and Essential Heating: Our Homes or Ourselves?

During the next decade of de-growth and declining prosperity, some of the things we regard now as essential will become discretionary. How we used to live, day-to-day, at home is an example.   Until the early 1960s, I lived in houses … Continue reading

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The future is a process

Unexpected floods, storms and fires, throughout the world has prompted me to make the point that the future must be seen as a process.  From the bottom up. A process in which “black swans” will gradually fill in the big … Continue reading

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A Short History of Progress

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .A Short History of Progress is a non-fiction book and lecture series by Ronald Wright about societal collapse. The lectures were delivered as a series of five speeches, each taking place in different cities across Canada as part of … Continue reading

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A far from perfect storm

The latest from Tim Watkins at The Consciousness of Sheep concludes that: ….. the continued operation of an advanced industrial economy like the UK depends upon the weather to avoid collapse this winter.  And we might, perhaps, want to ask some … Continue reading

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The Negative-Sum Economy

In his latest blog post on Ecosophia  John Michael Greer introduced me to a new word, illth, first coined by Ruskin. This is the conclusion of his piece: During the long era of expansion made possible by the exploitation of … Continue reading

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