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The climate war won’t work

Tim Watkins latest piece concludes: By giving the impression that a Second World War-style mobilisation against climate change is possible, campaigning journalists like Monbiot distract us from the stark reality that the only sensible option left to us is a … Continue reading

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Reality – No need to plan for it – It will happen anyway

“All forms of economic output – literally all of the goods and services which comprise the ‘real’ economy – are products of energy. Nothing of any economic value or utility can be supplied without using energy. Energy can be defined … Continue reading

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What Could Possibly Go Right? Kamea Chayne

This is an extraordinary discussion about the future.  Mostly new to me, so I will listen again. What Could Possibly Go Right?: Episode 56 Kamea Chayne

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Tim Morgan’s latest post. This concludes that: The ‘basics’ of the situation – deteriorating top-line and discretionary prosperity, rising inflation and worsening financial stress – are simply the first-order effects of the deteriorating energy-prosperity equation. More complex processes can be … Continue reading

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‘You’re out of touch!’ Dan Walker blasts Boris Johnson on Universal Credit cuts and rising living costs

Posted from: DAN WALKER put prime minister Boris Johnson on the spot on Tuesday morning as the BBC Breakfast host headed to Manchester to interview the PM from the Conservative Party Conference. Watch the interview “Prime minister Boris Johnson made a rare … Continue reading

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Degrowth: the case for a new economic paradigm

Unbridled growth appears to be at odds with social well-being and environmental sustainability. How might we develop a model that reduces the imperative for growth while maintaining economic stability? This article, written in 2017, by Riccardo Mastini (Universitat Autònoma de … Continue reading

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