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The economic driver of the industrial era – the supply of low-cost energy from oil, natural gas and coal – is winding down, and there is no assured replacement at hand.

The title of this piece is taken from Tim Morgan’s latest blog. This is an important piece, which should be circulated widely.   Not necessarily to be believed that this is how things are, but rather to rise awareness that this … Continue reading

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The latest by Tim Morgan

Will growth be possible? #240: Trussed for the block?

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Toryism at its worst – help the greedy, do nothing for the needy.

The discussion following Tim Morgan’s pieces are very good.  The following is an example. drtimmorgan on September 22, 2022 at 1:49 pm said: I think we need to be clear about what we know, what we can contribute to the … Continue reading

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Green growth, degrowth and the end of growth

Another video from Nate Hagens.  We really must grasp the nettle of what he is saying.   The implication is that everything we will be told by the Cheese Lady is founded on collapsing foundations.

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Let’s call it grassroots growth

I agree with the concept of degrowth, but isn’t there a better term for it? This piece by Erin Remblance and, Jennifer Harvey Sallin in the Illuminem blog chimes with my frustration at the use of the word degrowth. We … Continue reading

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The future must come from the grassroots 

The world economy is shrinking and the population is increasing.  Food poverty is spreading.  Seen from the top-down the future looks bleak. Our growth-led system is leading to global extinction.  We do not yet have a positive future to imagine. … Continue reading

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There can be no more growth

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it. Upton Sinclair This is a deliberately short piece to make a simple point. The oncoming recession is not a temporary blip … Continue reading

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Degrowth is now happening

In a recent piece, I wrote about  “Global Transition: From growth to degrowth and top-down to bottom-up” I explained the process in which top-down organisations are shrinking and will eventually disappear as a result of de-layering. At the same time, individual … Continue reading

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Degrowth: Fact or Ideology: Both

The two explanations of degrowth (1) that it is an energy-related process and (2) that it is an ideology, are misleading fruitful discussions.  It is neither one nor t’other.  It is both. I  believe in the ideology of degrowth and … Continue reading

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What is Degrowth?

We have a problem. There are currently two fundamentally different understandings of the word “degrowth”. Jason Hickel’s view is that “Degrowth is a planned reduction of energy and resource use designed to bring the economy back into balance with the … Continue reading

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