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Heading towards the end of our industrial economy

To put it in terms that even an economist might grasp, all energetic systems – including industrial economies – eventually burn themselves out.  Ours is no different. That is how Tim Watkin’s latest post finishes.  Which set me thinking afresh … Continue reading

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The Overton Window

Why does the Government see global warming as a problem and not see degrowth as reality? Those of us who are committed to the idea that economic degrowth is unavoidable just cannot understand why intelligent powers-that-be will not even acknowledge … Continue reading

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What then are we to become?

Tim Watkins latest piece concludes that: “The fantasy shared by Britain’s political parties, bright green activists and corporate leaders is a kind of Star Trek future in which renewable energy and widespread computerisation underpin a Great Reset-type digital utopia.  The majority of … Continue reading

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A Short History of Progress

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .A Short History of Progress is a non-fiction book and lecture series by Ronald Wright about societal collapse. The lectures were delivered as a series of five speeches, each taking place in different cities across Canada as part of … Continue reading

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