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Energy Blindness

This is the most enlightening piece I have ever come across.   It is so good.

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Diesel Underpins Global Economy – ‘EROEI’ Explained – Great Depression II in view – System Failure

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Degrowth is now happening

In a recent piece, I wrote about  “Global Transition: From growth to degrowth and top-down to bottom-up” I explained the process in which top-down organisations are shrinking and will eventually disappear as a result of de-layering. At the same time, individual … Continue reading

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Degrowth: Fact or Ideology: Both

The two explanations of degrowth (1) that it is an energy-related process and (2) that it is an ideology, are misleading fruitful discussions.  It is neither one nor t’other.  It is both. I  believe in the ideology of degrowth and … Continue reading

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The Renewable-Energy Revolution Will Need Renewable Storage

From the New York Times: The German word Dunkelflaute means “dark doldrums.” It chills the hearts of renewable-energy engineers, who use it to refer to the lulls when solar panels and wind turbines are thwarted by clouds, night, or still air. … Continue reading

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What is Degrowth?

We have a problem. There are currently two fundamentally different understandings of the word “degrowth”. Jason Hickel’s view is that “Degrowth is a planned reduction of energy and resource use designed to bring the economy back into balance with the … Continue reading

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Think of your car as a home power supply on wheels

Copied from The Conversation Think of your car as a home power supply on wheels. Can my electric car power my house? Not yet for most drivers, but vehicle-to-home charging is coming Published: March 29, 2022 1.35pm BST Author Seth … Continue reading

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UK is facing bigger economic shock than 1973 oil crisis that could leave families £1,750 worse off as energy prices soar and ban on Russian imports is set to pile on more pressure

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If higher energy prices cannot be achieved, there is a significant chance that the change in the world order will be in the direction of pushing the world economy toward collapse.

So says Gail Tverberg in her latest piece.

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We are entering a phase of de-consumption as we are obliged to forgo discretionary items in order to meet the rising cost of essentials.

The title of this piece is good.  It is taken from Tim Watkins latest piece. De-consumption is a good way of explaining the consequence of de-growth, to those who do not yet want to believe in de-growth. He points out … Continue reading

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