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Nobody really has any idea of what lies ahead.

Tim Morgan, writing about the future, says: First, I think few people understand how rapidly government revenue capability is going to slump, how hard it’s going to be to cope with that, and how angry a lot of people are … Continue reading

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News release from the Food & Global Security Network Wednesday 20th October 2021 REPORT LAUNCH – WATCH RECORDING HERE ​A report, Soil health: a national security profile, launched today by the Food & Global Security Network, calls on ministers to formally … Continue reading

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Reality – No need to plan for it – It will happen anyway

“All forms of economic output – literally all of the goods and services which comprise the ‘real’ economy – are products of energy. Nothing of any economic value or utility can be supplied without using energy. Energy can be defined … Continue reading

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We are witnessing a historic transformation in the nature of work and organization of labor worldwide.

This is from the long-established Institute for the Future Welcome to IFTF’s inaugural Equitable Enterprise Initiative newsletter! Join us today to continue to receive updates. We are witnessing a historic transformation in the nature of work and organization of labor … Continue reading

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To Match His Climate Rhetoric Boris Johnson Must Axe These Five Projects

To Match His Climate Rhetoric, Boris Johnson Must Axe These Five Projects

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OIL SYSTEM COLLAPSING SO FAST: It May Derail Renewables Warn French Government Scientists

Oil System Collapsing so Fast it May Derail Renewables, Warn French Government Scientists

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REWILDING AND THE RURAL ECONOMY: How Nature-Based Economies can help boost and sustain local communities

Rewilding Britain has released an important report  Rewilding Britain believes that a new and thriving ecosystem of employment can be built around the restoration and rewilding of nature. We propose the creation of localised Nature-Based Economies across 30% of Britain by 2030. We … Continue reading

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For those who are not aware of the really gloomy view of the future. Take your choice – from the Post-Doom website. A foreboding sense of climate chaos, societal breakdown, and economic and ecological “doom” is now widespread. Acknowledging our … Continue reading

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How to Save the World

A lot to read here!

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What Could Possibly Go Right? Kamea Chayne

This is an extraordinary discussion about the future.  Mostly new to me, so I will listen again. What Could Possibly Go Right?: Episode 56 Kamea Chayne

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